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Self Care Sundays

Jun 3, 2018

Can veganism be a form of self care? Is a cruelty-free lifestyle a right or a privilege?

On this episode, we’ll unpack these issues with lauren Ornelas, Founder and Executive Director of “Food Empowerment Project,” an organization on a mission to make vegan food more accessible in low-income areas and communities of color.

But cruelty-free eating doesn’t stop with animals. The organization also has a focus on fair conditions for produce workers both here and abroad. In this way, lauren posits, respecting the planet and the workers that produce our food is a form a self-care.

lauren helps us dismantle some common misconceptions regarding vegan living and white privilege. She also explains how her organization aims to combat the oppressive systems impacting food accessibility.

You can connect with Food Empowerment Project on their Website, on Facebook and on Twitter. As always, you can find this episode and much more on our social media @SelfCareSundays.

The transcription for this episode can be found here